Who is Mirjam
I am 40 springs young and still waiting for my first grey hair. Cheerful, sometimes impatient and stubborn, social, animal lover and vegetarian. I come from a Rotterdam family consisting of mother, father and sister. A family that offered me a safe haven with the necessary norms and values, which made me age pretty well. In 2018 I traded ‘my city’ in the name of love and moved to Portugal (Porto).

Curious and involved
From my childhood I have been looking at the world with curious eyes, which makes me seek for adventure. Another common thread running through my life is “wanting to help”, wanting to be of added value for the world plus the desire to write. I can’t stand injustice, want to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves and I love helping those in need. I did this as a nurse, doctor’s assistant and later mainly as a secretary / management assistant in (youth) care. Every job and change in my private life brought me a lot of knowledge, experience and insights. Especially the insight to stay close to yourself and to do what enriches your heart, no matter what! What still enriches my heart is the desire to “help” and making a positive contribution to the lives of others, for a better world.

Passion for writing
My passion for writing awoke during my first (backpack) trip through Thailand.
This journey has left my limited life, my safe haven behind me forever and opened doors to my desires. A life in freedom, pushing boundaries, facing fears and being enriched with new experiences. Every meeting with humans and animals were very valuable. I found their stories and way of life touching and special. I had a taste for it and wanted to write.
I wanted to write about a world where beautiful places, people and stories come together, in order to make the world a little better together: that is how “World of Dreamers” (WoD) is born.
How nearby these stories could be found, I discovered as a correspondent for the Rotterdam newspaper ‘De Havenloods’. No plane needed but just a jump on my bike, on the way to a story.
Open minded and without prejudice, otherwise you will miss the whole and will not get the message. Meanwhile I live in Portugal, near Porto: a bustling city full of stories. Think of stories about tourism, nature, art, culture, music, food, initiatives and people who live there. From locals to the many Dutch people who live in Portugal and have something special to say.
What I can promise is that I work with heart and soul on every article to touch readers all over the world. Because the good stories come from those who once started with a dream.

What do I want to achieve with my writings?
Everything that comes from the heart is beautiful and everyone who acts from the heart has something valuable to deliver to this world. Only beautiful things come from there such as love and (com)passion. Melt this together with a talent or good quality and you have something beautiful to tell this world. With my writing skills I like to hunt inspiring stories, to translate them into blogs and articles with depth and impact. Those stories that can inspire, inform and motivate others.

‘The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.’
– Steve Jobs –

Do you have a story to tell or would you like to collaborate?
You can count on me for writing some strong content which I love to do. Those who passionately share their story with me give me the right energy and motivation to put this on paper. I am only satisfied if the storyteller fully recognizes himself in the article. I write through other people’s eyes and sometimes to guard objectivity, through multiple “eyes”. An article must be right: in terms of feeling and facts. Beautiful places that I visit breathe their own story, I also like to write about that.
Would you like to share your story with me and see it back in an article? About your work, hobby, voluntary work, lifestyle, cookery, special experience: it is all possible. Or would you like me to write articles for your company and collaborate? Contact me!

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